Zini Dental Clinic offers all the general dentistry services such as tooth restoration, gum treatments, root canal, crowns, veneers, surgery and extraction, prostheses … We also offer orthodontic services, Invisalign (correction of tooth alignment without braces) and dental implants. Our mission, at the clinic, is to help you create a treatment plan whatever your needs. In that regards, we invite you to refer to the explanatory videos to get familiar with the treatments offered at Zini Dental Clinic. For an appointment, please call the Zini Dental Clinic located in Saint-Jerome.

Nancy Pilon,HD

Graduated in dental hygiene in 2000. It's been now 15 years that she offers exceptional hygiene care at Zini Dental Clinic. She attended several training and perfected her knowledge in periodontics and oral health. Passionate about her work, she will inform you about the health of your teeth and gums.

Caroline Charbonneau,HD

Graduated in dental hygiene since 2011, she offers meticulous oral care. She continues her training through several continuous education courses. As a dental hygienist, she has a very easy and personal approach in her work.

Mylene Desroches,HD

Diploma in Dental Hygiene since 2008. She has taken continuing education courses in periodontics and worked extensively in the field of orthodontics. She is meticulous and passionate.

Marie-Claude Giguere

Dental assistante since 2005, she is devoted, attentive and smiling.

Gabrielle Deziel,HD

Dental assistant since 2005, She is dynamic, responsive and always ready to lend a hand.

Veronique Strang

Warm and inviting, she offers a superb and exceptionnal service. She will accommodate you for appointments, emergencies and hygiene reminders.

Lynda Durocher

She is part of our team since 2002, She offers personalized and efficient services to the needs of each client.

Carole Pilon

She is courteous and smiling, always ready to serve you.


Sylvie joined our team in 2017. She has a lot of experience in dental secretarial and management. Very welcoming and warm, she will meet your expectations.

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