Dental restoration

If you suffer from a broken tooth, don’t wait until the dental repair procedure. It could be a case where you might need a dental emergency intervention.

Periodontal treatment

Many situations can justify a case of gum treatments in measure to prevent or to cure periodontal diseases. Zini Dental Clinic offers gum treatments services.

Root Canal Therapy

Learn more about root canal treatments by watching this video. Zini Dental Clinic offers root canal at its Saint-Jérôme’s clinic.

Dental Crowns

Dental crown should be considered to cover a dental implant, a damaged tooth or a fractured tooth.

Crowns and bridges

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are available in composite or porcelain and greatly help teeth alignment and teeth color.


Learn more about the details and benefits of a partial and full dental prosthesis.


Zini Dental Clinic offers different options to treat bruxism and teeth grinding.

Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of our teeth whitening services at Zini Dental Clinic. Be warned that it is essential to meet with a general dentist before consider teeth whitening.


The role of periodontics is to anticipate and heal diseases related to gums.


If you have symptoms such as cold or hot sensibility, it is possible that you have tooth decay. At the clinic, we offer tooth decay treatments.

Surgery / extraction

Zini Dental Clinic offers wisdom tooth extraction or regular extraction services.

Primary dentition

In children, primary teeth usually grow until 2 years old.

Dental inlay

Dental inlay is used to replace dental fillings and composites.

Space maintenance

The space maintenance is a dental device that allows keeping a voluntary space to avoid the eruption of permanent teeth.

Primary teeth restoration

Primary teeth restoration allows stopping the development of caries and the loss of primary teeth.

Composite restoration

Composite restoration allows fixing a broken or damaged tooth. Sustainable, composite also has the advantage to pretty much look like a real tooth.

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