Dental implants are used to replace a dental root when a tooth is missing. Constructed with biocompatible material (titanium), a dental implant is harmless for your health. Once it is installed in the alveolar bone, an artificial replacement tooth is fixed to it.


First of all, the patient must be in good health in general. The patient must also have a strong and sufficient bone structure to support the dental implant. If the patient’s bone got slimmer with time, a bone graft could be performed to increase the volume and allow the installation of the dental implant. In order to do that, a professional dentist would have to evaluate and validate if the intervention is possible.

Why have recourse to implantology treatments?

  • Better comfort
  • Level of aesthetic comparable to a whole natural tooth
  • Better chewing capability
  • Easy to keep a dental hygiene

In summary, dental implant installation is a one-of-a-kind solution to replace a missing tooth. The final result is very satisfying esthetically and also on the comfort point of view.

Dental implants may greatly improve the quality of life of a person due to the fact that:

  • They restore and increase the chewing function and the speech of a person that lost one or many teeth.
  • They can increase the confidence of a person because, once they’re installed, they won’t move, have the appearance of natural teeth and restore a normal function of the mouth.
  • They eliminate the pressure on the remaining teeth or on the oral mucosa cause by conventional prostheses.
  • They can help to slow down or stop the jaw’s osseous resorption by imitating the presence of a dental root.

Dental implants can be used to support dental bridge, removable complete denture prostheses as well as removable partial denture prostheses.
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