Orthodontics in St. Jérôme

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of abnormal position of the teeth and jaws for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Whether it’s for your child or yourself, Dr. Bendavid will help you get that radiant smile you’ve been dreaming of. We offer all modern orthodontic services including Invisalign invisible shells for our most demanding patients or those who want to hide their treatment.

We offer affordable rates and high level of service, with the possibility to spread out payments for up to 24 months.

Problems corrected by orthodontics:

  • Overlapped or over-spaced teeth;
  • Teeth that do not close together properly when chewing;
  • Jaws that present misalignment (e.g., jaw that gone too far advanced);
  • Significant gum clearance when smiling;
  • Asymmetry of the smile or face;
  • Cleft palate or cleft lip.

Photos before and after orthodontic treatment


Benefits of orthodontic treatment:

Getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of orthodontics. But there’s something else.

Preventing problems: Misaligned teeth make it difficult to maintain good dental hygiene, making it easier for cavities and gum disease to develop. Besides, orthodontic treatment will help to prevent teeth loss, teeth fractures and teeth premature wear.

Improving digestion: Proper alignment of the teeth will make it easier to cut and grind food, which will help the body to absorb nutrients.

Preventive care for young children

When the patient does not have all his permanent teeth, we sometimes have to intervene in order to prevent the situation from getting worse to the point of damaging the dentition, the supporting tissues (bone and gum), or affecting the growth of the jaws. This is an interceptive treatment only, sometimes referred as the first phase of treatment.

Call us for a consultation! Dr. Stavya Bendavid will be able to assess your situation and recommend appropriate treatment.


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